The Lansford Coaldale Joint Water Authority (LCJWA) was incorporated March 22, 1950 by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Authority purchases Bear Creek System from the Panther Valley Water Company for $750,000, dated April 21,1950. On September 27, 1960, Panther Valley Water Authority conveyed to LCJWA the two deep wells at Hauto, the Lansford reservoir and the 30 inch water main in the Lansford Shop Yard. The LCJWA also went into agreement to buy from Blue Ridge Real Estate Company all of the trunk lines, mains, hydrants and proper right of way for Lake Hauto on October 27, 1960. In July 1978, the authority approved a $1 million improvement project to the system.

In October 1985, the authority received a directive Department of Environmental Resources (DER) Bureau of Dam, Water Ways and Wetlands. This directive considered the Bear Creek Dams as a "High Hazard Dam". October 1990, Penvest approved a $1.5 million water system improvement project for new 12 inch and 16 inch water line. September of 1993, the authority pursued a $3 million Penvest loan including abandonment and disconnection of existing surface water and water supply facilities and construction of ground water supply system, chemical treatment facility and construction of 1.5 million gallon water storage tank. 

In September of 1998, the authority authorized office renovations on 1 E. Ridge St. in Lansford.  The following March of 1999, the authority awarded a contract to breech the Bear Creek Dam by order of DER. 2009, entered into $2.1 million Penvest loan for water improvement project to refurbish the 1 million gallon storage tank, erect a 715,000 storage tank, replace the Coaldale storage tank and expand to a 12 inch water line on E. Abbott Street to Pardee St. in Lansford. May 2013, the authority was awarded a $200,000 valve replacement contract in Lansford as a proactive upgrade to the water system.